The MUSOS (MUsic SOftware System) Toolkit is a computer-based, open-source application for testing recognition and recall memory for melodic stimuli. MUSOS is created in Max/MSP, and is designed to provide an easy to use framework for researchers wishing to conduct studies investigating music cognition in the general population.

Further details of the application are published in the following article in Behavior Research Methods:

Rainsford, M., Palmer, M. A. & Paine, G. (2017) The MUSOS (MUsic SOftware System) Toolkit: A computer-based, open source application for testing memory for melodies. Behavior Research Methods, doi:10.3758/s13428-017-0894-6

Latest version

The latest version of MUSOS is version 1.1.
Download MUSOS 1.1

The download includes full documentation, the MUSOS stimulus set and accompanying data, and spreadsheets for data export and analysis.


MUSOS requires Max/MSP, which may be downloaded from the Cycling ’74 website. MUSOS is compatible with Max/MSP version 6 and above.

What does the name MUSOS mean?

“Musos” is Australian slang for musicians. As all three authors of the paper are Australian, we decided that the software should have a suitably Australian name.


Version 1.1

All patches included in MUSOS have been changed so that the Record, Play, and Next Melody buttons are greyed out and do not function during melody playback.
This was implemented to fix an issue where if the Record, Play and Next Melody buttons were pressed while the melody was playing, the note order of the melody would be saved to incorrect positions in the database.

Version 1.0

First major release

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